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Course Duration: 2.5 Hours
(Did you know that nine out of the ten people shot during a hijacking situation are shot because of
using the wrong hand to un-buckle their seat belt!!!)

This course is a must for drivers of all types of vehicles, from senior management to delivery personnel, who
are all open to the threat of a hijack situation especially when driving in high risk locations and may possibly;
through knowledge and awareness on the topic save his or her own life in the unfortunate event of one

Course Content
♦ Why hijacks are on the increase?
♦ Types of hijackings.
♦ Why are vehicles hijacked?
♦ Common types of vehicles hijacked.
♦ Being followed, what to check for.
♦ Who are the hijackers?
♦ Common areas for hijacking.
♦ Prevention and making your vehicle undesirable.
♦ Windows of Opportunity.
♦ The Golden Mile.
♦ Basic Firearm identification.
♦ What to do if hijacked?
Seat Belts removal sequence
Reacting and movements.
Do’s and Don'ts
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