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Road crashes happen anywhere, at any time; the outcome is always the same, people get hurt or even worse lose their lives!!
Again some would say they were just unlucky when in fact luck had nothing to do with it, the truth is most crashes can be avoided; quick reactions and last minute harsh braking, are no substitute for looking and thinking ahead ! Professional drivers who are trained in Defensive Driving skills, observe and anticipate dangerous situations and take positive

  Driving conditions
are getting worse, as roads get busier drivers of today often have to cope with offensive, irrational and even sometimes, dangerous driving behaviours. This calls for drivers to take appropriate defensive measures when on the road, don’t leave your fate and life to luck and other road users!!

Statistics show that very year 1.2 million people die from road crashes and related injuries, this figure does not include the number people who are injured or affected for life from these crashes, more shocking than is that 70% of these deaths are in developing countries.

Driver error in these accidents accounts for over 90%, hence the need for training which is the best defence an individual can have to defend him or herself on the road every day and arrive alive!
In short, by the time you finish perusing this web site at least 6-10 people will have been killed by a road accident somewhere in this world, so…

Driving is something more and more people are taking for granted, as it is termed to be a mode of transport to simply commute, while this is very true driving is actually extremely high risk and dangerous!

The common myth is that driving is not difficult and “anyone” can do it, this might be so but my question is, if it is really that easy why a machine with all the current technology the globe has, is still unable to control and manoeuvre a  vehicle like a human being can?

It is because driving not just about sitting in the drivers seat and “driving”, it involves split second reactions, decisions and tasks, all being done at almost the same time. That’s why driving defensively involves a lot more than just “driving”, as one has to be alert and up to date with all “going on’s” around you, as on the road it does not take much for one to be taken by surprise, a simple lapse in concentration is enough!

Unfortunately we don’t get second chances on the road, usually when something goes wrong it happens so fast, such that if you make the wrong escape decision first time, you rarely get the opportunity to make a second decision and get away with it as things do happen very fast!

In short, don’t rely on luck to get you home safe and alive, neither should you rely on other road users to chances to live, think and act for yourself and defend your self by using our effective defensive driving techniques, to get you home safe and alive!!

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