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Defensive Driving for Heavy Vehicles (HGV)(2 Days)
Min attendees: 12 participants
Max Attendees: 20 participants

This course is aimed at drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles, from articulated to rigid tractor trailer combinations, as HGV drivers tend to learn their driving skills and habits, both good or bad from other colleagues as they rarely go for formal training. Upon completion of the training attendees will understand the meaning and importance of Defensive Driving,and the key factors in “arriving alive” at their final destination, as well as improve on general driving skills.

Our training material is high impact and always gets the full attention of attendees, using many “local” real life examples during the entire training session. This course is an eye opener and changes one’s perspective and most important, attitude towards the one thing many take for granted, DRIVING

Block Syllabus


Signing on and Introductions
Road Accidents
The human factor
Main causes discussed
High impact videos


Stresses defensive driving attitudes and accidents, this video is high impact and provides positive reinforcement in atruly dramatic way.

System of Vehicle Control

(4 Keys to Safe Driving)
Hazard identification sequence and avoidance
Reaction to hazards, actual and potential.

Seat Belts, Momentum and loose objects
Collisions and consequences of not wearing a seat belt (very high impact videos included)
Body weight and momentum,Hazardous loose objects in the vehicle and vehicle momentum

Practical Driving and Assessments
20 – 30 mins per attendee

Eye-Lead Time
Reaction times
Factors affecting braking and friction of the

The three second rule
(Safe Following distance)
Space cushioning while driving and trailer articulation

Driver Fatigue & Tiredness Management
(See fatigue and tiredness content)

Practical Driving and Assessments
20 – 30 mins per attendee

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